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The primary purpose of the initial examination is to establish desired treatment goals. It is important for Dr. Potts to thoroughly understand your reasons for seeking orthodontic care, along with your expectations in treatment results. It is equally important that the diagnosis is based on the assessed long term health of your teeth and jaw joints. Ultimately, with all the factors considered, it is always the patient's decision as to the extent of recommended treatment desired.

During the exam, Dr. Potts will provide information regarding your orthodontic needs and approximately how long your treatment will require. She may inform you that orthodontics may not be beneficial in your specific case or that orthodontics is appropriate, but only after more skeletal and dental maturity occurs.

Your first visit also provides you an opportunity to visit our office and establish a level of comfort with Dr. Potts and her staff.

In addition, we are usually able to give you some estimated payment options at this time.